The machine of VE series are ideal for overmolding on insert with manual or automatic insertion. The total flexibility of the machine allows the application of linear or rotary tables with one or more molds to increase the productivity. Available tonnages from 15 to 120.

Special versions are available with higher tonnages. All models have a closure of mobile plate from top to bottom. The injection units are customized with stamping screws with diameters from 18 to 55 mm and injection pressures up to 2500 bar.

Customized profiles and screw's specifications depend of the type of material that must be product. Injection units are available for micro - injection applicable in mono or multi material configuration. Compact dimension, compact design, high accessibility, modularity, precision, speed and energy saving are the peculiarities of our machines. Easy access thanks to optical security barriers. Innovative technical sollutions and customization allow to optimize any production. The Ve series is caracterized by simple and intuitive machine multilanguages controls. Custom function to simplify mold change operations and mold setting parameters. Possibility to use molds with larger dimension than the machines of the same category. With appropriate modifications, the vertical machines can be used for rubber molding, thermosetting and LSR (liquid silicone).

Fixed mold without table in 4 columns version.

Slide table with double mold.

Movable mold with slide table.

Rotary table with 2-3-4 positions.