VE TR - Rotary table

Rotary table with 2-3-4 positions.

VE TR models are equipped by servo-electric rotary table with the possibility of having.

They are built in 3 versions: 3 columns, 4 columns and with external rotary table. Each version has specific features for the type of production to be performed.

The 3 columns version is ideal for working with 2 molds. It also allows to integrate in a simple way up to 4 hydraulic jacks and 10 limit switch signals directly on the rotary table.

The 4 columns version is ideal for working with 3 molds and with 2 free stations for unloading and insertion of inserts. This version can also work with 2 molds.

The machines are preparated for the application of rotary distributors for air, water, oil and electrical signals for the use of screw jacks.

The version with external rotary table is built in 2,3 and 3 stations. This kind of machine is ideal for applications that need extra works in addition to the overmolding and wide space for the automation management.

Rotary table's diameters: 600, 850, 1000, 1200 e 1500 mm.

Available tonnages from 15 to 120.

Modular injection unit with screw  with diameters from 18 to 55 mm.


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