Auxiliary injection unit for injection molding machines of any brands.

We have developed auxiliary injection units for thermoplastic materials, indipendent and interconnected with traditional mono injector machines. 

These devices can be installed in every postitions in function of machine and mold and they are provided in plug & play solutions. The plug & play solution includes the supply of sheaths and flexible tubes equipped by quick coupling for electrical and hydraulic connection. The electric interfacing between auxiliary group and machine takes place through Euromap connector 12, 62, 67.

These groups have the possibility to be moved from one machine to another in a quickly way. Equally fast is the adaptation to the new machine and/or mold.

If necessary, we provide health and safety careenings.

The hydraulic control unit is equipped by a servomotor which guarantees the maximim hydraulic efficiency and save energy. In the control unit there's general electric board and control panel to be transferred on board.

The CA PRESSE auxiliary injection unit are proposed with plasticizing screws with diameters from Ø 18 mm to Ø 55 mm, injection capacity from 20 gr to 700 gr and the maximum pressure reaches 2500 bar.

CA PRESSE has chosen to use well known brands for its electronics and hydraulics devices (Bosch-Rexroth, Atos, Parker, Voith, Omron, Gefran). They are easily available wherever you are.