Horizontal injection machines designed and built for automatic molding of the heels, wedges and accessories for footwear or technical items with similar size.

The horizontal hydraulic clamping unit with two planes guarantees a fast and precise mold closure.

The technology with hydraulic intensifier with position control allows the development of maximum clamping force with high speed and low energy consumption.

The setting of the closing power from touch-screen allows to work with the strength required by mold, decreasing energy consumption and hydraulic and mechanical stress.

The machine can be integrated with robots for the realization of pieces with Transfert technology and manipulator for the recovery of sprues.

There is hydraulic extractor controlled by linear transducer for the extraction of the pieces with stroke settings, number of strokes, pressures and speed adjustable.

The injection screws have diameters 30-32-36-42-45-50 mm and strokes from 120 to 300 mm. The profiles of the screws are specified in function of the materials to be processed. On request can be set up customized injection groups.

Machine is configured with injection head with two nozzles and mold holder with two cavities for molds with diameters 127 – 135 – 140 mm for the molding of heels and wedges per pair, while with single nozzle for the molding of other articles.

The clamps are 90 and 120 ton and on request can be built versions with higher tonnages.

The protections guarantees the maximum operator safety, the gates have high fluidity of movement and the use of transparent panels allow excellent vision of all machine’s components.

The ORI presses have all the characteristics of flexibility and adaptability to customer specifications.