VE 80 Wire

Complete plant for plasticize diamond wire, equipped by machine with clamping force 80 ton.

This kind of plant are built with VE80 for plasticize a diamond wire with high quality. It guarantees an high productivity, too.

It's customizable and can satisfy the diamond wire manufactorers and multiwire machines users demands.

Accessories can be chosen in evolved or economic version:

  • Six tipology of tensioner with electrical or manual regulation and pneumatic tensioning;
  • Automatic movement of the wire in electric or pneumatic way;
  • Molds with hot runner tecnology;
  • Varying types of dryers, dehumidifier and plastic loading system.

We are able to provide the best solution for managing the production and the re-plasticize of diamond wire.The customer will have a return of investment in a few months.

The supply includes staff training and the teaching of wire splicing technique.

We offer maintenance packages and periodic consultations for problems solving and production optimisation.

We provide our TPU knowledge to analyse and solve plasticisation problems by studyng new molds or new accessories and materials.

We can supply materials for production like plastic, rope and diamond beads.

The complete plant can also be built with VE120 ton machine.

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